"There is no one I could recommend that I have as high a regard for."


~Jacque A.


"Paul is awesome to work with. He creates an atmosphere of acceptance ... whatever level you start at is just fine, his focus is all about growth and improvement. I've been able to achieve really great results with Paul's guidance. I highly recommend Paul to anyone seeking to improve their level of fitness."


~Sue Ann A.


"Paul is an excellent Personal Fitness Trainer and his knowledge is second-to-none. He has a (one size does NOT fit all) approach and develops a fitness program/regimen to meet his clients' individual needs. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone that is serious about fitness."


~Scott C.


"Paul is a great trainer. He is extremely knowledgeable about physical fitness and listens to the client. His workouts were very challenging and kept me interested."


"There is no one I could recommend that I have as high a regard for."


~Jacque A.


"Paul is awesome to work with. He creates an atmosphere of acceptance ... whatever level you start at is just fine, his focus is all about growth and improvement. I've been able to achieve really great results with Paul's guidance. I highly recommend Paul to anyone seeking to improve their level of fitness."


~Sue Ann A.


"Paul is an excellent Personal Fitness Trainer and his knowledge is second-to-none. He has a (one size does NOT fit all) approach and develops a fitness program/regimen to meet his clients' individual needs. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone that is serious about fitness."


~Scott C.


"Paul is a great trainer. He is extremely knowledgeable about physical fitness and listens to the client. His workouts were very challenging and kept me interested."

~Lindsey B.


"Paul is a great person to work with. He knows how to motivate people and has great communication skills."


~Rodger D.


"I had the privilege of working with Paul when he was in a Supervisor role with the Sports Club Company several years ago. From that time forward, Paul has exemplified the qualities of a highly-engaged, top-performing professional. He has excellent interpersonal skills and always is patient with his teaching and coaching techniques. Being in the fitness industry and dedicated to helping people reach their goals, Paul makes sure that his client’s goals are his main objective. He is always going above and beyond expectations. Be it consulting with businesses, recommending equipment, designing corporate/personal programs or studios, Paul provides everything needed to get the job done with 100% customer satisfaction."


~Jim C.


Paul brings extraordinary passion and dedication to his clients.His innovative ideas and business savvy have helped propel him to the top of his field. His experience and gifted ability to help others succeed is an asset to any corporation."

~Kate B.


"First class fitness all the way!"


~Jeffrey T.


"Paul ROCKS!  You won't meet a trainer that cares more about his client and tailors his workouts for your needs.  I began training with Paul about 3 years ago.  I am always impressed with the quality of the workout and the scope of the workout.  Never boring, with lots of challenging and varying exercises. The stairs are insane! I lost 6 lbs in a week on those. We have kayaked, paddle boarded, cycled, rowed, run, climbed, kangooed  (boots with a bounce that will get your heart pumping), but the main focus is circuit training. Training with Paul is always fun, challenging, never a bore, and always sweaty. The facility is great with no crowds."


~Charley S.


“I have been an endurance runner for many years but had not put much focus on upper body strength or overall conditioning. In preparation for some longer races, I decided to enlist the services of a personal trainer to gain strength. Paul turned out to be the ideal choice. He has broad knowledge of training techniques, understands endurance sports, and developed an effective program that increased both my confidence and fitness. He used a combination of free weights, machines, and some aerobic exercises, as well as abdominal work and stretching. The resulting increased leg- and trunk-strength have greatly increased my endurance – and I was able to knock 45 minutes off my previous best time for the 50 miles at the American River 50-mile run  I also ran well at the California 50-mile and the Mule 5K run. My ultimate goal is to run a sub-24-hour finish in the Western States 100-mile run in the High Sierra. Paul has me on track. My wife, Donna, has been so pleased with the results of my personal training that she has now signed up with Paul to get ready for the ski season and the Catalina Marathon.”


~ John S.


“I have been an executive at Mattel, Inc. and Paul Holubets has been my trainer for the past 16 years.  Paul had developed corporate executive training programs at Mattel. He was introduced to me by other executives who were extremely happy with his programs. Being a busy executive, I was in need of a personal trainer who understood my unique needs (e.g., being strapped to a desk all day, extensive traveling, including unhealthy eating and body stress from the airplane, etc.) Paul was very attentive to my needs and developed an individualized executive training program. The results were nothing short of stupendous! I have been a consistent client of Paul’s for the past 16 years, seeing him three times each week. I’ve never felt better and can honestly say that as I approach my 50s, I’m in the best shape of my life.


With Paul moving to Austin, Texas, it will be a daunting task to find a personal trainer with his unique skill set, attitude, and results-oriented approach. I unconditionally recommend Paul to anyone wanting to improve their physique, health, and overall well-being … especially those like me in the corporate world.  Working out with Paul has made a huge difference in my life.”


~ Joe C.


“Many years ago, I decided to enhance my exercise routine by taking advantage of the personal training program at my health club. I didn’t realize how lucky I was to have been guided to Paul Holubets, personal trainer. I have been Paul’s client since 1994 and quickly became an unabashed admirer.


There are so many reasons that I have continued working with Paul. I couldn’t possibly list them all but will touch on those most important to me. Because I was referred to Paul through my club, I never questioned his skill or ability as a personal trainer – but I immediately recognized how unaware I was of the level of professional training required and the people skills necessary to be successful. Paul has them all. I’m not sure how he is able to make working out an exciting challenge, but he does. His knowledge, not withstanding, is what clearly sets him above (and apart from) his peers in his personal commitment to me as a person, not merely as a client.


My weight has fluctuated.  My interest in maintaining a fitness program has sometimes waned. But Paul has remained steadfast. He has always required that I give at least 100% in each of my training sessions.  If the truth were told, though, he has very seldom accepted only 100%. When I’ve had a physical issue that needed to be accommodated (e.g., a torn meniscus), he changed my routine accordingly, but never lowered his expectations – nor did he allow me to lower mine.


During our years together, I’ve sometimes questioned whether the latest fitness fad was perhaps something I should try. Paul has never tried to humor me in his response. He has taken the time to explain the pros and cons. If there was a benefit, we tried it. If not, we moved on.  As I’ve gotten older, Paul has adapted my training program to meet my changing needs. He has inspired and challenged me to always do my best towards achieving my fitness goals. That attitude has carried over to the rest of my life.


Finally, I am recommending Paul to you, not only as a superb personal trainer, but also as a person of impeccable integrity, sensitivity, patience – and one of the finest individuals you will ever have the privilege of knowing. He will change your life, he has mine.”


~ Fern K.


“I want to take a few moments to thank you (Paul Holubets, CPT) for all the help you have given me as my personal trainer, and to tell you how much I appreciate the time you take with me to explain each exercise so thoroughly. Knowing which muscles are being worked with each machine and how they are being worked helps me remember what to do (and not do), so I can perform each exercise properly and receive its full benefit!


I have truly enjoyed the training and encouragement you have given me – and the way you put together an overall workout for me with an emphasis on the exercises that would most benefit me and my interests. I’m amazed at how many fun and unique exercises there are – and I’m so glad you introduced me to working with free weights, machines, boxing, the ball, resistance bands, and such a wide variety of tools I can use in my home! Once again, Paul, thank you!”


~ Sandy R.



“I’m 34 and a mother of three daughters. My younger brother originally referred me to Paul around four years ago. He had been exercising with Paul for several years at that time. I noticed differences in my brother’s physique and energy level, so I inquired about the services offered by a personal trainer. At that point, after two pregnancies, I felt that my body and my energy level were in need of a serious overhaul. I had gained enough weight with my pregnancies that my clothes were getting quite “snug.” I also felt fatigued and I knew I needed energy to keep up with my active babies and a full-time job. Working out at the gym was a waste of time for me – too impersonal and intimidating. Bottom line: I didn’t know what I was doing! I had some workout videos, which I continue to use, but I found mothering and exercising at home did not mix. Finally, I chose the path to a personal trainer – and the experience has been rewarding and educational.


Working with Paul has been invigorating and life-changing. When I first came to him, I had minimal experience with much of the equipment and techniques he introduced to me. Now I can honestly say I know what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Throughout the workout routine, he has monitored and managed my progress. He demonstrates how to complete a specific exercise, as well as explains the benefits of it. He provides a challenging workout without pushing me beyond my abilities. He is sensitive to all my exercise needs and responsive to all my questions and concerns. He keeps up with the latest exercise fads and trends, including various diets. He’ll even try out a diet to determine its efficiency and effectiveness. There is never a dull moment during the routine. Paul uses various techniques that continue to challenge me and promote progress. Most importantly, he is a caring, personable, and professional individual who has expanded my workout experience. The results speak for themselves. I have lost a significant amount of weight – enough to encourage many positive comments from loved ones and co-workers. My third pregnancy was a breeze – and I credit it to my newfound energy and weight loss.”


~ Monika V.


“I have worked with Paul Holubets for 16 years as a personal trainer for my company and me. Paul has done an outstanding job for us. He is very professional and can always be depended upon to be prompt. He has a great depth of understanding of physical conditioning and nutrition. He has a true passion for physical fitness, which helps in motivating his clients.


Paul is also a good friend and can be trusted to deliver on whatever challenge he undertakes. I give him my highest recommendation.”


~ Robert  N.


“The past seven years with Paul have been wonderful. His low-key, straight-forward approach has helped me learn to enjoy working out. From the beginning, he never pressured me to set goals higher than I was comfortable with or discouraged me by setting goals too low. He has always found a way to get me to work a little harder without making me feel guilty or pressured in any way. During the workout, he has always been friendly and professional and has shared his knowledge freely and clearly so that I now feel like I can work out on my own without being intimidated or scared of hurting myself. He has kept the workouts pleasurable and effective by using a variety of different exercises and he has always explained what to do, how it should feel, and why I’m doing it.


The bottom line is that, since I began working out with Paul, I have lost weight, gotten stronger, and I find that I have more energy for every day life. The positive effect on my life has been so good that when I got married, I strongly suggested to my wife that she workout with Paul as well. A few years ago, she was in a head-on collision and has had back problems ever since. Her regular visits to the chiropractor were helping, but when her workouts with Paul were added to the mix, her day-to-day pain started to diminish. In addition, she found that when she uses exercises that Paul has taught her, she can make her back feel better at home without having to take pain medication.


My experience with Paul has been truly life-changing. Today, I am more fit and more aware of my fitness than I ever have been – and I attribute that almost entirely to my experience with Paul. He has taught me not only how to have an effective and enjoyable workout, but also how to take care of myself better through diet and other health habits. My wife and I are both confident that what he has taught us will last our whole lives.”


~ Carlos and Kristin A.


“All my life, I’ve been thin, never having to worry about being overweight. I could eat anything and not gain an ounce. I never felt the need to really exercise or diet. I was a couch potato and proud of it.


Then, on my 37th birthday, an unexpected thing happened. It seemed that my body changed overnight. What had been a naturally small waist spread into a pot belly and what little muscle I did have turned to flab, I was mortified. Oh, how cruel and unfair life can be. There was no denying it, though. I was approaching “middle age.”


Well, I wasn’t going down without a fight – and sucking in my gut wasn’t the answer. In the past, I had joined a gym and lost interest within a few months. I didn’t want to repeat that again. Then I was introduced to Paul Holubets, a personal trainer. I had never used a trainer before and wasn’t sure what one could do for me. What impressed me about Paul was not only his vast knowledge of sports, health, and fitness, but that he truly cared about his work and took pride in it. He enjoyed training. Somehow I knew he was the one who could get me off my lazy butt and into the gym, without letting me get bored.


I didn’t want to be a 90-pound weakling anymore, so we set some goals to gain strength and endurance, tone and build muscle mass. (By the way, putting beef on these bones was going to be no easy task.)


Paul’s approach was very personalized from the start. He told me “every body is different.” He was very in tune to my strong and weak points, adjusting the workouts accordingly. Every single workout was different. No two were alike, he said, to “keep your muscles guessing.” Amazingly, within three weeks, I started to notice changes in my body. I was standing straighter, muscles were firmer. I had more energy and my gut was shrinking. After three months, friends and co-workers were commenting on how fit I looked.


Now, nine months later, I’ve gained 12 pounds of muscle, lost my belly, and have a “v-shaped” torso forming. Yet, somehow, Paul still manages to keep the workouts fresh and challenging. He is persistent and consistent. He gives me the confidence to tackle the heavier weights I never thought I could and to endure low-weight, high-energy burnout repetitions – all the while stressing form and control. Although working out with Paul is certainly no stroll in the park, at the end of each session, I always thank him for “maxing” me out. I walk away feeling confident and successful, both physically and emotionally, and always look forward to our next workout.


At the age of 37, I’m in better shape now than I ever was at 20 and I couldn’t have done it without Paul’s coaching! With my new body, and continued help from Paul, maybe turning 40 won’t be so bad after all.”


~ David C.


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